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You will operate an agency that markets and provides supplemental non-medical and companion care to clients within their homes and to clients who are in assisted living or nursing facilities.
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Join the rewarding field of non-medical and companion care with "A Better Solution In Home Care" franchise (or "Caring Solutions In Home Care" in Washington and Florida). You'll operate an agency delivering high-quality care to clients in their homes or assisted living/nursing facilities, using our established program​​.

Investment Information

  • Total Investment: $101,800 to $221,350
  • Initial Franchise Fee: $55,000 to $82,500 (non-refundable)​​.

Franchise Agreement Highlights

  • Disclosure: Receive the document at least 14 days before any agreement or payment​​.
  • Services Offered: Supplemental non-medical care, potential for skilled services after 1 year​​.
  • Target Market: Referral sources (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.), direct to individuals needing in-home care​​.
  • Staffing: Screen and match caregivers using proprietary systems. No independent contractors; roles include nurse assistants, case managers, etc.​​.
  • Competition: National, regional, and local home care agencies. Your advantage lies in adherence to standards, entrepreneurial skills, and customer service focus​​.

Fees and Expenses

  • Royalty Fee: 5% of Gross Revenues or a minimum weekly amount, starting from $125 per week, escalating over time​​.
  • Marketing Fee: 1% of Gross Revenues or minimum monthly fee, starting at $250/month​​.
  • Additional Fees: Training for extra personnel, legal fees, relocation costs, etc., vary based on requirements​​.
  • Annual Conference: Estimated $300/attendee plus travel expenses​​.
  • Supplier Evaluation Service Fee: $175 plus expenses​​.
  • Examination/Audit Fees: In case of underreported revenues​​.

Initial Investment Breakdown

  • Initial Fee: $55,000
  • On-Site Training: Up to $5,000
  • Travel and Living Expenses (Training): $2,500
  • Lease/Rent & Security Deposit: $2,000
  • Equipment, Marketing, Insurance, etc.: Variable costs
  • Management Support Services: $20,000
  • Total Initial Investment: $101,800 to $221,350​​.

Key Takeaways

  • Unique Opportunity: Thriving sector with high demand for in-home care services.
  • Comprehensive Support: Training, marketing, operational assistance.
  • Financial Commitment: Significant initial investment with ongoing fees.
  • Growth Potential: Expanding market with increasing needs for home care services.

For more details, please consult the Franchise Disclosure Document provided.

A Better Solution in Home Care Franchise Disclosure Documents

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