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As a franchisee of Abbey Carpet Co. Inc., you'll be engaging in a business model focused on selling floor covering and window treatment products to consumers.
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Abbey Carpet & Floor Membership: As a franchisee of Abbey Carpet Co. Inc., you'll be engaging in a business model focused on selling floor covering and window treatment products to consumers. This opportunity is ideal for experienced owner/operators of existing floor covering stores. The Abbey System allows for selling from a variety of samples, with the showrooms purchasing customer orders from Abbey-approved vendors. This unique model emphasizes minimal inventory maintenance, relying instead on special orders​​.

Investment Information

  • Initial Investment Range: Approximately $23,050 to $61,900.
  • Initial Membership Fee: $10,000 (with a $1,000 upfront payment and the balance through the Abbey CashBack Program)​​.

Key Benefits

  1. Marketing and Merchandising System: Access to the Abbey marketing and merchandising system for a variety of floor covering and window treatment products.
  2. Flexible Showroom Options: Memberships are available for both single and multiple showrooms. Only the first showroom incurs the initial membership fee and service fees​​.
  3. CashBack Program: Opportunity to participate in the Abbey CashBack Program, offering incentives and rebates from various manufacturers​​.
  4. Marketing Material Access: The initial fee includes access to Abbey's marketing materials and contributes to various operational and developmental costs​​.
  5. No Extra Costs Before Opening: Other than the initial membership fee, there are no additional costs to be paid to Abbey or its affiliates before opening your showroom​​.
  6. Refundable Membership Fee: The initial membership fee is refundable if certain sales targets are met within the first year of membership​​.

Business Model

  • Minimum Purchase Requirements: Must fulfill a minimum purchase amount from Abbey-approved vendors, ensuring competitive pricing and quality​​.
  • Updated Product Lists: Regularly updated lists of approved vendors, products, and pricing from Abbey, focusing on value and variety​​.
  • Supplier Approval Process: Abbey approves suppliers based on product type, price, delivery terms, and member feedback, but members cannot negotiate purchases for the Abbey System independently​​.

Financial Arrangements

  • Brokerage Fees: Abbey receives brokerage fees from manufacturers and vendors based on sales through the Abbey System, a significant portion of its total revenue​​.

Key Takeaways

  • This franchise opportunity is best suited for experienced business owners in the floor covering industry.
  • The unique business model minimizes inventory needs and maximizes variety and quality through special order systems.
  • Initial costs are moderate, with a significant portion potentially refundable based on sales performance.
  • As a franchisee, you benefit from Abbey's established relationships with vendors and access to competitive pricing and products, although you'll have specific purchasing requirements and restrictions.

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